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Emberfall an open world Dragon game coming to Steam on PC

About Emberfall

Emberfall is an online multiplayer game coming to Windows PC. We wish to create an open world where you can choose to play as one of several human factions, or as any number of terrifying dragon species. Our goal is to bring to life a visually stunning landscape filled with playable dragons that are believable and terrifying in a way that has never been done before. Each human faction will have their own unique culture, costume, lore, and weapons. Play as humans, and fight for survival in a land plagued with unholy monsters. Or play as dragons and rain fire down on your enemies. Emberfall is being developed using Unreal Engine 4. Our characters and creatures are being created using state of the art software such as Pixologic Zbrush and Autodesk Maya.

What is Emberfall?

We are still weighing our options in regards to how we will be delivering our game to players. In the end, we will choose whichever option is the most beneficial for the game and our team, and allows us to deliver the highest quality and most enjoyable product possible.

Where will Emberfall be available for purchase?

Unfortunately, we can’t give a specific date or timeline for release. Our plan is to iron out the game as much as possible before release. Ideally we’d like to be able to add most of the core features, story, environment, etc before releasing to the public. We're hard at work bringing everything together so that this can happen as soon as possible!

When will the game be released?

Emberfall will be a purely multiplayer game. That being said, we plan to allow players to host their own private servers on which they will be able to customize options to tailor their gameplay experience. There will be elements and AI in the game that will allow for the game to still be playable alone, but you might have a much more difficult time with certain aspects of it.

Will Emberfall have a single player mode?

While it would be possible to do so, it would likely be in the distant future. We would like to keep our main focus on developing the core game and its assets/mechanics first before we consider porting to other platforms. Emberfall will likely remain PC-exclusive until it is at a satisfactory point in development where we are comfortable enough to consider branching out. As for Mac and Linux, we will likely try to also develop the game as much as possible before releasing on these operating systems.

Will Emberfall be ported to consoles (Xbox, Playstation, etc.) in the future?

Modding communities in games are always fantastic and create a lot of unique mods that add content or can extend a game’s life beyond what it originally would have been. However, modding an unfinished game is a very tricky business and updates to the game in early access can drastically alter things that will completely break someone’s mod. We would love to eventually make our devkit public, but this will have to wait until the game itself is actually finished.

Will the game include modding support?

We do have plans to do a Kickstarter in the future. We are currently working on a trailer, our tech demo, game assets, concepts, and many other neat things behind-the-scenes in order to prepare for this. The team would like to get things to a satisfactory level that we believe is polished enough before bringing it to advertising and crowdfunding websites.

Are there plans for a Kickstarter/other crowdfunding?

While marketplace assets have their uses, Emberfall does not currently utilize any. We are using a 3rd party Sky/Weather system which we plan to switch over to UE4's recently announced sky system. Our map (which is custom made) will be populated with mostly Quixel foliage assets, as well as terrain textures. All of our dragons, humans, and AI are/will be custom made as well from modeling to animations.

Will Emberfall be using any marketplace assets in the game?


On the dragon side, we have confirmed wyverns thus far. Humans currently have one confirmed faction, the Knights/Settlers. Wyverns will have excellent flight capability, with somewhat clumsier mobility on the ground. "Knights" are a European/medieval inspired faction who must fight to survive against the dangerous inhabitants of Emberfall.

What are the current confirmed playables?

There will be many AI creatures in the game, ranging from typical animals you might find in a forest such as deer and wolves, to terrifying, nightmarish creatures unleashed into the world to prey upon its inhabitants. As of right now, the only creatures that will be available to be tamed are horses. We plan to include several different breeds of horses. Every creature plays a role in the game, and it is up to the players to unlock the story behind Emberfall and all of the monsters within.

Will there be AI creatures in the game? What types of creatures can we expect?

Our goal with Emberfall is more of a “dark fantasy” vibe that is grounded in reality. The creatures in our game will be based on plausible evolution. To keep the vibe of Emberfall from becoming too outlandish, we won't be including creatures like elves, unicorns, etc, or any magic. For our dragon species, we have chosen to stick with wyverns for both evolutionary and aesthetic reasons.

Will Emberfall include any mainstream fantasy creatures (elves, goblins, dwarves, etc) or magic?



We plan to create a visceral and impactful combat experience for dragons and humans, We are still in the process of working out the finer details for exactly how we want our combat to function. The goal is for neither dragons nor humans to be overpowered against each other and for our players to use wit and skill in battle.

What are your plans for a combat system with humans & dragons?

We have plans to include some customization for playable characters. Each dragon species will have various color/pattern options to choose from. Additional customization may include broken horns, scars, etc. For humans, various costume/armor options will be available as well as weapons. Similarly, there will be some customization options for your physical human characters as well. It may take some time to get such a customization system fully set up, but it is planned.

What will the extent of customization be for playables?

Our plan is to give each Wyvern both breath-based and physical attacks. Physical attacks may range from bite attacks to kicks to tail swipes. Drakes will have their own various attacks as well.

What types of attacks will dragons have?

We have conceptualized a scent tracking system to give dragons an idea of where prey may be hiding without making it a dead giveaway. We also plan to give humans their own ways of tracking prey or enemies.

Will there be a scent/tracking system for dragons or humans?

A system where players may form a nest and hatch other players has been one of the most highly requested features. Therefore,  we have plans to add a nesting and growth system fairly early on if timeline allows.

Will there be a nesting/breeding system for dragons?

We do plan to have a crafting system for humans. Settlers/Knights will have the ability to craft weapons, armor, and tools needed to arm themselves against the flying demons that inhabit the land. Our crafting system is partially inspired by The Forest.

Will there be a crafting system in place for humans? What type of crafting will exist?

Humans will be able to craft buildings. Buildings won't be modular, but players will have the freedom to place them where they please. This allows for villages and settlements to be created, attacked, and fought over. Some locations may be prime real estate, while others are hot spots for skirmishes.

What type of building system will be put in place for humans?

There are plans for agricultural systems in the game, but you will not be able to create large-scale farming operations.

Will humans be able to grow crops?

As of right now, we have confirmed several species of horse mounts for human factions. These range from Arabians to warmbloods to draft breeds. We may or may not add other mount options later on.

Will humans have mounts/easier ways to travel?

In the world of Emberfall, humans and dragons are meant to be mortal enemies. Humans will not be able to tame dragons and the two will have plenty of reasons to fight each other. That being said, we still do plan to allow mods once the base game is completed. Players will have the option to host private servers in order to customize their gameplay experience.

Will humans be able to tame dragons?

Humans will get a more intimate interaction with some lore aspects of the game, and some enjoy the aspect of being a dragon hunter over playing the dragon itself. It will be easier to communicate with friends through the game’s built-in systems. While there will be reasons for dragons and humans to fight eachother, there will also be many reasons for humans to fight eachother, including groups within the same race. This is where teaming up with friends or other players will not only be vital, but will create a very entertaining experience.

What are some perks of playing as humans compared to dragons?

Dragons will have access to a wide array of sounds and body language to convey their emotions. Dragons and humans will not be able to communicate, and each human faction will only be able to communicate with their own.

Will dragons be able to communicate with eachother or with humans?

We plan on having a fully functional weather system. Our map will most likely consist of only one or two similar biomes. We would like to eventually test out more world map with different biomes, but this depends entirely on hardware and how smoothly we can get such a map to run in game in an online environment with many players and AI on it at once. While seasons would be an amazing idea, it won't be something we test or prioritize until after the base game is done, as such a thing likely won't be very easy to achieve.

Will there be a weather system, biomes, or seasons?

We would like to have a fire propagation system, with which areas can be burned. However, this will take quite a bit of time and experimenting to get right. With multiplayer online games, such a system would need to be heavily optimized so that there is no negative impact on performance.

Will there be destructible environments such as forest fires, floods, etc?

We plan to have a wide array of both natural landmarks and man-made structures throughout the landscape. Most of these will be decrepit and mostly abandoned structures. However, it may prove beneficial for wandering players to seek refuge within these structures to better defend themselves from possible attacks.

Will there be any structures or points of interest around the map?


Emberfall was initially started as an idea for a mod for another survival game for several members of the team to work on in their spare time. We spent about a year playing with ideas. What started as a mod just for fun grew into a full game concept. Eventually we managed to gather a full team of experienced professionals with various skills and began working on Emberfall earnestly. We spent several months fleshing things out, and in more recent months have made great strides in development within Unreal Engine in regards to the map and programming. We look forward to continuing at a steady pace and delivering a fun, quality game that a wide audience will enjoy.

How did this project start?

Emberfall is an independent project being developed by our own development team and company;our game and its development has no affiliation with any other game projects.

Is Emberfall affiliated with any other games, companies, or studios?